Myrna Wolf, Certified Relationship Coach

Who I am.


My life has been filled with challenges, some coming from my own needs, some coming from external events.

Born, raised, and educated in Montreal Canada, I moved as a young bride to the United States, where I began my first career as a teacher in an all-boys Quaker school. Over the years I moved seven times. From teaching children to becoming a community college instructor, the VP of a bank, a marketing executive to an entrepreneur. In 1990 I created my own business called Compassionate Companions, providing non medical services to the aging population. For over 30 years I coached and counseled adult children and their parents, hundreds of families, through the oftentimes perilous journey of the aging process. In addition to providing companions and homemakers, I became the sounding board to the family members involved in the care and decision-making that comes with care giving.

In the past year, it became clear to me that my time with Compassionate Companions was coming to an end and I needed a new challenge, At the age of 77, I closed the business, sold my beautiful townhouse and moved to a new city. Opportunities were waiting for me, even though I was not certain what everything would look like.

I am not a typical retiree, yearning for free time to play golf or canasta or pickleball or mah- jong. I yearned to find something that would give my life meaning, to give back, to be of service, to challenge and be challenged.

Becoming a Life Coach has given me all of that. And so much more. Family Ties is the vehicle that gives me joy and fulfillment. It literally transforms my life. I look forward to becoming part of your transformation to a life of meaningful, honest and rich relationships.

                                                         Are you ready for some new beginnings?
                                                                      Isn’t that what the good life is all about?


My happy family…

Myrna with Aunt Gert

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