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“I have known Myrna both personally and professionally for many years. As the owner of Compassionate Companions I have had first hand experience of referring clients to her.  Her professional ethics in operating her business were always evident and I always got positive feedback from my referrals. The caliber of her companions who provided non medical services to my clients were a 10+.  Having recently transitioned her business to Family Ties and begin her practice as a Certifed Life Coach seems a logical step for Myrna at this point in time. Her extensive experience in “Life Experiences” , working with a diverse population, coupled with her knowledge of community resources is value added for her clients.”
– Cathy B., Plantation, Florida

October 2021
“Myrna’s intuitive GPS takes one on a journey of deep thought provoking questioning, revelations (aha moments), and ultimately getting to the destination (or close to it),
which I believe is the ROOT cause of my relationship challenges. The outcome is more awareness, clarity, truth, and healing.  The only disappointment… is not having Myrna coach me decades ago. Thank you Myrna… you are a model communicator, an
inspiration, and a healer.

– Beth S., Safety Harbor, Florida

October 2021
“Working with Myrna is an absolute pleasure. She is incredibly intuitive and truly sees her clients. She is aware of the bigger pricture and able to see the truth behind the smaller obstacles. She is able to make situations clear with inquisitive questions. After my sessions iwth her, I have a sense of direction and purpose. I feel I have gained a completely new perspective of ongoing dilemmas. It’s been a joy to work with her over an extended period of time and to expand upon the depths of my own inner workings.”
– Amber, Asheville, N.C.

November 2021
“I had been muddling endlessly over a personal dilemma. Myrna listened intently to my situation and asked me some questions which caused me to reframe my thinking. Our sessions were very personal and I felt very safe, knowing that there were no judgements or agenda for the results. This was my first coaching experience and I will definitely continue the process.”
– Carol C., Coral Gables, Florida

November 2021
“After only a few coaching sessions there was a paradigm shift for me, not only regarding the issue with my granddaughter, but even how I approach all my personal interactions. Myrna asked me some intuitive questions which got me to verbalize the issue. She really listened and her questions triggered some solutions within me which I had not considered before.”
– Monica S., Toronto, Canada

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